Earth Day

Hello Gaia!  Today is a day in your honor.  Who are we kidding we honor you every day; in differing ways both small and large, with love and seemingly without.  Often, I am amazed how completely natural, in complete union, and well placed each living “thing” rests upon you.  So very unconditional, non-judgmental, and patient you are offering a symbiotic relationship amongst all.  

I call into light the relationship of trees.  Trees have a unique and magical way about them.  A well-executed communication and nutrient system amongst them.  The mother trees, not necessarily female, are the biggest, oldest in the forest with the most fungal connections.  They nurture and provide for the seedlings whose roots aren’t yet as long and connected.  Helping their neighboring trees by providing nutrients, and when a neighbor is in strife; mother trees detect their distress signals and increase the flow of nutrients accordingly.

I pause and ask the leaders of the present …

How do you detect distress signals?  How do you increase the flow of nutrients to the individuals you collaborate with?  How do you reserve judgement, shame, and utilize your connections for the greater good?  

Does humanity offer itself, as trees do, to one another?  

Thank you, Earth.  We have much to learn and your presence is our existence.