The Observer In You

[ In-VEST-ment | an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation ]

If the goal is to generate income or appreciation – is this accurate for you?  When you invest in yourself, team, family, friends – what is the appreciation?

As I have shared, this is an inside-out game we are in. Shift the investment layer of Self out and let’s view it as the observer.

When we begin to observe our Self, we must pause and ensure we hold the principles of conversation true. There are many and we will share this one:

Listening while suspending
judgement, shame, & should's.

You may smile and yet it is monumental to note: in the observer space, it is not about the WHY and movement to REACT - you will note that the journey of WHY and REACT is automatic.

It is tremendously insightful and helpful to observe what has become automatic.

You are observing. Listen to yourself observing. Listen to yourself LISTENING.

What have you noted, even in this short message about you as the observer? Hold the practice –it is yours, observer.