3 Steps to change the course of your life

3 steps to change the course of your life. No, this isn’t about fishing. Stick with it.

We have the vast innate ability to see where we are, where we have been, and decide where we go.  I liken it to listening to the radio.  If you can recall a time before the advent of today’s wonderful world of podcasts, you may also recall a time where you could tune in to Sunday morning talk radio and catch, for instance, “Bobbing with Bob: lines, lakes, lures, & leaders - everything you need to know to catch the BIG ONE this weekend!”

Well, I’ll give Bob this, he definitely got a couple of things right. If you want to come home from your adventure happy and with great stories to share, don’t be afraid to take a chance and cast out into the weeds and, having the right kind of leader is key.

For as much as my husband, Eric’s, younger self may have (or not) hung on hypothetical Bob’s every word like a nightcrawler on a hook, never once would I have imagined the broadcast to be suddenly interrupted by Adele.  No matter how much I wished and wanted for her massively gifted vocals to have caused the interruption, annoyed Eric, and thoroughly entertained me … never did it happen and never did I expect it to.  

Ha!  Can you imagine?  

Real change.  Sustainable change requires more than desire and need.  It requires awareness, choice, and tuning.  

If we desire the change in our lives, in our leadership, let’s consider these 3 steps.

#1 Become aware of the station you are listening to | Listen to the music, the stories in between, and the advertising.  What is the narrative?  How does it make you feel?  By paying attention to the old habit of being you, your awareness begins to separate you from the unaware programs, reactions and stations that host them.  

#2 Stop listening and change the station | When you stop listening to the negative narrative, you lower the volume to that connection.  When the thoughts & feelings (connection) that used to signal and cause reaction settle – you are liberated.  You are open to create your destiny.  

#3 Start again and choose to tune in | Learning anything new requires attention and practice.  Refine the skill, choose, and create.  

Break the habit.  Change the station.  You will soon realize that not only do you own the station you are listening to but you own the whole damn network, are free to tune in to whatever station you choose, and you decide what goes on air!  

When you start making changes for yourself and doing good things for you, you’ll make more of the same choices.  It is the process of being aware.  Excusing yourself from a situation or a conversation for a minute or two when you begin to go unaware and lean toward reaction mode.  These simple steps can change the course of a conversation, a situation, your health … even your life.  

Are you ready to take these 3 steps?