What is Humanizing Leadership?

What is Humanizing Leadership?

I’ve had this question come up through multiple conversations and I would like to take this opportunity to lean in, even more.

Humanizing calls in energies of compassion, love, and benevolence. These energies are around us always. My ask is we call them IN to ourselves and allow there to be resonance as we move through our experiences & conversations with ourselves.

Leadership may have a preconceived connotation to it AND what I am offering is a shift inward to ourselves as leaders of our beings.

Humanizing Leadership is an inward conversation with ourself. Perhaps then there is choice to explore with open curiosity with others. The conversation here won’t always be easy and light and in fact, I insist we get uncomfortable and disrupt the unconscious patterns we all have.

My offering is to partner with you – to come into your space with love, humor, and tenacious vulnerability. This is not from the perspective of a guru – rather a master certified coach, a peer human, and a retired corporate leader.

Humanizing leadership is a conversation inward for & with Self as the leaders of our being. A transformative journey to experiencing & creating your life of choice.

As this message lands and you begin to move with it throughout your day what comes up for you?