#1 stress in life according to Leaders

Before you continue to read, I ask you take notice of your reaction to the statistic.  I’ll share it again.  

88% of leaders share that work is their #1 stress in LIFE.  

Notice how your body moved while reading the stat.  Are your legs crossed and you unconsciously added more pressure in your thighs?  Are you shoulders raised?  Biting the inside of your cheek?  Clenching your thumb under the grasp of your other fingers?  Are you holding your breath?  

How conscious are you of how stress is moving through your body in this given moment?  

Breathe in and now out.  Again.  Breathe in and now out.  One more time.  Breathe in and now out.  

You are safe.  You are not alone.  You are exactly where you are in this present moment because you have arrived.  Nothing you experience is being done to you.  Everything is being done for you.

You are an answer.  

Leaders are committed to being better today than yesterday and even better tomorrow than today.  This is held in the highest of regard with the purest of intentions.  There is no shame nor judgment in this game.  We are in the game of shedding.  Shedding stress, shedding lies about ourselves, shedding inherited trauma and shedding the need to find peace in the outside world knowing full well that it is an inward out journey.  

Shed on.  Be aware.  Be YOU.