7 Things to know about our being as a company



1. existence.

2. the nature or essence of a person.

1.  we are here to serve.

This business is built on love, desire, and a whole lot of 'have to'.

2. be human

Humans have a primitive desire and fundamental need to belong, be loved, and to be love. Fact: humans cannot hurt another human; unless they feel their survival is threatened. There is no threat here. We belong. We are love. You belong. You are love. Any asleep humans who practice dishonesty, ageism, racism, sexism, and any other '-ism' born from hate are not welcome. Not in our community, family, as clients, or customers.

3. we are here to cause

To CAUSE means to hold space for conversations, to remember our superpowers, to research, to be aware, to listen, to be heard, and to co-create.

4. experience matters

We need our clients to be amazed in their experience and to know they are co-creating with peer humans that care and cause.

5. trust is king

We take pride in every detail. We learn along the way. When mistakes happen, and they will, remember we are humans too. Tell us. If you are moved to co-create through any one of our avenues - then do so. If not, that is okay too.


Our belief is love, grace, courage, vulnerability, empathy, grit, honesty, transparency, and humility will change the world. We are deliberate and committed to our beliefs in our learning, teaching, training, and practicing. We understand that love is the lens through which we are able to see each individual's unique gifts with stunning clarity. Everything we do, we do with love and everything we say, we say with love - because we know that it is through love that we all move forward together.


We live abundant lives and give back. Leaning in is about good intent, sending good vibrations, time, and sharing any part of your light with another.