Bottom Line: Develop Your Talent.

The employee’s ability to be creative, solution based, optimistic, resilient, engaged is directly related to the emotions they carry and their choice, unconsciously or consciously, to react.  This is an inside out game.  No, we can’t fix people.  People don’t need to be fixed.  

We desire awareness, wholeness, and creation.  

Each one of us have #$@! we carry with us based on previous experiences and we are programmed to survive.  

Imagine this … what is – simply is.  Don’t get it twisted.  Don’t overcomplicate it.  It just is.

The pear tree in my backyard is nestled along with a redbud, a magnolia, and some tulips.  The pear tree doesn’t try to be a redbud and the redbud doesn’t try to be the magnolia.  They are what they are.  Beautiful and brilliant standing tall and proud.  

I also am not anxious about the white petals that bloom on the pear tree every Spring, wondering if they will bloom.  Will they be white?  How long will they stay?  What if it doesn’t bloom … what did I do wrong?  I wonder if the pear tree doesn’t like me.  

It is crazy!  Those things simply happen, and they happen naturally.  They simply are.  The pear tree blooms each Spring.  Sometimes more petals than the year before.  Sometimes the petals last longer than two weeks and sometimes not.  Never one time paying any mind to anything other than what it is there to do.  To stand tall and proud amongst the redbud, magnolia, and the tulips.  

When we become aware that things simply are what they are and we have choice … we own our role as creator and reactor.  

If you want your fellow humans to be creative, solution based, optimistic, resilient, and engaged … invest in the human and not the result.  

Invest in the human’s natural ability to create from within by bringing awareness to who they are.  

The monetary result will follow.