MindfuL Mom


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Opening into your Heart Center, center of well being,offers a profound shift within and partnering with your life’s experiences with intuition, compassion, clarity, and love.

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Tuning your Mind Center, center of thinking & processing,establishes you are the creator in control of your reality.  You see change in your world, first, and then the world around you.  

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You are living embodiment.  You understand your full experience in your body and know your response relationship with the world around is the choice within you.  

Mindful Mom™ is a transformational, 6 module-course journey, with a very clear goal: to be a MINDFUL ME.  Here, you’ll activate your free will of CHOICE withIN & journey from depletion to renewal, stressed to eased, and BE who you truly are and DO what you desire.  

Why champion
for the world?

You are freed from inner crap that holds you hostage.  Your motion in the world, which must first start with your own heart and home – mitigates the guilt and disassociation bred from inaction of all kinds and brings change with love, grit & grace.  
Deeper compassion brings you to a place of empowerment driven by love and releases the disempowerment of shame and blame.  This is to say: instead of preaching about change or complaining, you become it.  You deposit your participation and being-ness into creating the world in which you want to live.  Where we all want to live.

You are crystal clear where you lend your voice and resources to, you are the most effective advocate for change you’ve ever been.   

As you own your power, not only does your confidence grow, but your agency, your capacity, will, love, and creative potential.  Your influence creates ripples on impact.  This has much less to do with social media and more with how your presence reaches another in true influence simply by being you.

MINDFUL MOM is a MINDFUL ME - we offer our whole honest, loving, & trued Self as we cause our way forward; finally diminishing the pressure placed on our children to build & be our future world. The world you champion for is the world today, in this now moment.
I know, this sounds amazing!
But, how do I know if it is for me?


°  You can easily identify areas in your life that require grit & grace (which is to say: love)

°  You want to actively participate in a movement, in a community that learns, grows,expands, and embodies alongside one another

°  Awareness is your jam, and you are so done with blame, shame, judgement, and victim hood

°  You want to engage with experiences that stubbornly reflect your own inner love & knowing giving you the tools to self-lead this life

°  You want to learn the tools that pluck looping stress out from its roots, journey from depletion to renewal, stressed to eased, and love and be IN this life

°  You miss playing.  You miss joy.  You miss the sound of your own laugh & flippant Self that believed intimately & fiercely in her bad-assery

°  You’re a live-out loud firecracker in your heart and you’re raising kids, raised kids,want to raise kids to see, experience, and be in their own grand finale – in every moment of life and not just have a goal in retirement years to start living a life of choice

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° You're prone to passively scrolling to consume content, rather than engaging with it.

° You cannot gift yourself time & space to successfully complete the course.

° You need an abundance of worksheets & checklists to feel as though you're growing and receiving value for your dollar. This is a gentle course packed with powerful offerings for introspection & awareness. Your life. Your choices. Your learnings.